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Portable room acoustics

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I’m currently living in an apartment without the possibilities of building a permanent recording studio. (In one of the previous houses I lived in I had a room specially modified for recording and practicing) I still want to be able now and then to record instruments without the sound of my concrete square room, without the high ‘ringing’ noise you get when clapping your hands together.

From the acoustic insulation of this previous room I had some very thick foam mats for soundproofing left, as well as a couple of sheets of acoustic dampening foam, each 50 x 100 cm wide. I mounted them into wooden boxes with hinges in between, so I have as sort of portable sound-deadening room divider. Here are some pictures as well as the ‘before - after’ recordings of a cajon. On a normal set of speakers the effect is not so clear, but try it with headphones :) Without or With screen

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December 22nd, 2008 at 6:27 pm

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