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Interfacing Paper with Phone: reading book on mobile phone

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My phone doesn’t support reading of txt files or pdf. Upgrade to an i-phone would be the most sensible thing to do. However, my phone does have a 320×240 screen, capable of displaying images… How to make something out of that? I found a simple solution on this weblog, converting a text file using Latex into a 1500 page pdf with pages of 320×240 points (pt). Using ImageMagick this pdf can be converted to a directory of images of 1500 jpg’s in readable format. It took some tweeking of font size, but I managed to read a couple of books on the plane to china (phone in airplane-mode). The source of the book was taken from project Gutenberg. Below the used latex source. The commands used were latex book.tex then converting it to .ps using dvips -o book.dvi. and finally converting it with imageMagick to a dir full of jpg’s using convert -antialias -negate book%03d.jpg
motorola phone book on screen 

The War of the Worlds, by H(erbert) G(eorge) Wells [1898] ….

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